Syndicated Studies & Research: Growth accelerators for the automotive industry


Syndicated Studies & Research: Growth accelerators for the automotive industry

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NielsenIQ’s global automotive syndicated study provides OEMs, OESs, and organizations involved in the automotive industry with a holistic understanding of customers’ behavioral changes. 

Unveil the growth accelerators supporting organizations to adjust their strategies at global and country levels.

Table of contents

Section 1: Consumer profile & commuting segmentation

Vehicle ownership details; Commuting habits, transportation means by occasion; Needs and expectations from vehicles; Needs and expectations from other means of transportation ; Attitudes towards vehicle ownership; Attitudes towards new mobilities (Car sharing, Autonomous driving, Robot taxi)  

Section 2: Buying process & purchase journey

Purchase intention; Shifts towards used or new vehicle; Shortlist of model segments; Prospect Engine Types—Deep Dive EV; Touchpoints and Sources of information 

Section 3: Maintenance behavioral patterns

Selection criteria of point of M/R; Reasons for selection and reasons for leaving each point of M/R; Selection of channel by type of M/R; Expectations from point of M/R; Satisfaction level from point of M/R; Sources of information around maintenance and repair; Intention and attitude toward the Connected After SalesSelection criteria of point of M/R

Section 4: Channels preference and expectations from the point of sales

Financing options (cash, loan, leasing); Preference of private leasing and subscription model; Role of equipment and accessories; Potentiality of equipment on demand; Importance of connected driving

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Report details
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