Syndicated Studies & Research

Enable your insights team to deliver fast, actionable global data that keeps shoppers at the center of your strategy.

The right answers require the right data

Get the answers your competitors lack with a custom-built survey based on manufacturers’ and retailers’ most pressing questions. Demonstrating vertical expertise, thought leadership and advisory capabilities.

  • Globally and locally curated insights
  • Deep analysis of changing shopping patterns
  • Research powered by 100% digital panel

Identify behavioral and attitudinal shifts

The retail landscape is undergoing one of the biggest transformations ever. Identifying and navigating the shifting complexities of consumer and shopper behaviors and attitudes are vital to success for a category, a brand or a store in order to foster and facilitate new avenues for revenue growth while driving continuous client engagement.


[TK — NEED IMAGE THIS IS PLACEHOLDER FOR THIS TEXT] Successful restages are more likely to have utilized upfront research before redesigning 41% of shoppers will continue to purchase a product because of its design.

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Financial Markets by Quarter

NielsenIQ ‘Financial Markets by Quarter’ provides insights on consumer sentiment and financial outlook in 12 key markets across Asia Pacific and the Middle East enabling business decision makers to have a good understanding into evolving financial needs of their customers

In a modern conference room, a senior Southeast Asian man looks thoughtfully across the table at a smiling white and Southeast Asian woman, who appear to be junior associates

Syndicated brand tracking for insurance

Unlock insights across insurance sectors with NIQ’s Syndicated Brand Tracker for Insurance reports. Get insights about health insurance, motor insurance, or life insurance.

Key features
Key features


In-market data cuts guesswork

Insights are driven by consumer-sourced data that is validated by retail measurement and qualitative data, social listening, and much more.



Tailored surveys can be customized to focus on retail trading partners’ most challenging pain points and priority needs. Get the insights your competitors lack.


Prompt and responsive delivery

Reports available at the time of purchase means no lost time in delivering insights and recommendations to your business partners.


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