Syndicated Studies & Research: Omnibus


Syndicated Studies & Research: Omnibus

A study that shares unique guidance on how to create consumer-oriented marketing plans

The NielsenIQ Omnibus syndicated study explores a fast, flexible and affordable way to allow clients to share setup and fieldwork costs. We tailor questions for each client and deliver actionable insights that can be projected to the population in 6 different cities.

Our quick-check syndicated study that has clients’ share setup and fieldwork cost, and tailored questions for each client. Using stratified random sampling, resultant data can be projected to the population in 6 cities covered.

Report Information

In Omnibus, client can obtain various and customized information needed, such as:

Product Penetration

Product Penetration & Market Opportunity Studies provide industry-leading insights that help you measure and grow your business. You can see which product categories are growing the fastest and where there are opportunities for new product development.

Profile of Consumer on Respective Products

Find out the complete profile of your customers for each product, including demographics, income, and occupation. You can see which sectors your product grows and where the opportunity is for your product.

Brand Funnel

Set up a brand funnel to track purchase consideration, brand awareness, and brand loyalty over time. This will help you see how your marketing efforts are affecting key measures of success.

Usage & Purchase Habit

Find out the consumer behaviour on purchasing and consuming your product, including source of awareness, purchase channel and consumption frequency. This means no more guesswork when it comes to targeting your marketing efforts.

Report details
Report details
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