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At NIQ Brandbank we are committed. We put you first and we make not just your life easier, but also your shoppers. We help you digitalise the shopper experience and empower shoppers to make informed purchasing decisions. In a world that moves fast, so do we. With us, you will never be left behind.   

Past Webinars

Unveiling the Power of Actionable Insights

Watch this webinar recording to discover the power of actionable insights, learn how to elevate your product performance with optimised data and imagery, and uncover the power of competitor benchmarking. (Recorded for a UK audience).

Transforming Actionable Insights into Category Leadership

Watch this webinar recording to learn how to transform your product content into actionable insights that empower shoppers, build loyalty and allow you to become a category leader. (Recorded for a US audience).

navigating wellness webinar

Watch the recording of this webinar to discover the role of brands, retailers and educational apps in the process of carving a path to healthier choices during the shopper experience.

5 Trends to Watch in 2024

Watch the recording of this webinar to discover the five shopper trends presenting opportunities for retailers and brands in the FMCG industry as we kick off 2024.

Watch the recording of this webinar to explore the latest trends and consumer demands for product attributes in the CPG industry.

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