Turn your Omnichannel Vision Into a Reality With the Full View™

NIQ is the industry’s most trusted source for omnichannel market performance and consumer insights. Eliminate blind spots, disparate data sets, and siloed teams with one version of your online and in-store performance.

Every shopper is an omnishopper

Omnichannel insights are too important to be a DIY operation. From juggling multiple providers and datasets to analyzing inconsistent trends and reports, teams spend too much time managing data and not enough time acting on it. We’re on a mission to change how you receive and utilize your omnichannel data so you can make confident decisions from the most complete and clear understanding of your omni consumers.

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How NIQ delivers a Full Omni View
How NIQ delivers a Full Omni View

Complete Coverage

We go where others cannot or will not go to measure more regions, channels, and consumers than anyone else.

  • Measuring 90+% of global GDP
  • Largest e-commerce consumer panel in Europe
  • 1 million panelists
  • First party purchasing behavior of 4.5 million consumers
  • Data from more than 6,200 unique retailer partnerships
  • 8x more Amazon data than the competition

Accurate, Harmonized Data

NIQ’s proprietary methodology consumes, deduplicates, and categorizes more than 60 billion data points a day to deliver accurate online and in-store sales data.

Single Source of Truth

One provider; one data ecosystem; one source of truth. Align your teams and work from the same information with centralized access to all of your data and analytics, fully customizable to your organization’s needs.

Robust, Intuitive Analytics

Analytics tools are only as useful as they are usable. Our B.I. tools are built for all, from Chief Executives to Senior Data Analysts, so everyone can access, extract, and understand your omni performance.

Investing to Go Further

Our recent acquisitions and investments in Data Impact, Foxintelligence, and Rakuten Intelligence are just the start. We’re investing to bring granular coverage, shopper loyalty metrics, and online casuals together in a single read.

The Omni Challenge
The Omni Challenge

Get your teams on the same page

You have digital teams and you have insight teams. Now more than ever, it’s critical that your teams work together from the same holistic view of the marketplace with a common source of truth.

Digital Team
Traditional Team
Digital Strategies
Data and intelligence across all channels
The Omni Consumer
The Omni Consumer

The shopper journey is all around you

Today’s consumer cares about price, availability, quality, convenience, wellness, and sustainability—not channels. Shoppers move from brick-and-mortar browsing to online purchasing to stores for curbside pickup. Fully understanding consumer movements across categories, brands, retailers, and channels is necessary for increasing your wallet share.

Follow the same shopper across channels
Consistent, trendable consumer data
Quality Check
Insights backed by the industry’s largest panels


From blind spots to breakthroughs: Closing the omnichannel reporting gaps for e-commerce insights leaders




Drive your omnichannel growth strategy with a comprehensive view of sales and share covering both online and in-store channels.



Capture consumer purchases across online and in-store channels for a complete view of changing omnichannel behaviors.



Improve digital performance through an in-depth view of the marketplace and online shoppers.


E-commerce Analytics

Optimize your omnichannel distribution with a granular view of store-level e-commerce insights and AI-powered prediction models.

Insights & Reports
Insights & Reports