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Segment your consumers to unlock short- and long-term growth

Segmentation and targeting that embraces increasing consumer complexity

Consumer expectations of brands are changing, market conditions are volatile, and competition is fierce. Yet, you’re tasked with developing strategies that unlock sales, revenue, and brand growth – both now and into the future. To do this successfully, you need a comprehensive understanding of your target groups – who they are, what they want and need, what they value, how they see the world, what and why they buy, and more.

NIQ Growth Architect gives leaders in Technology & Consumer Durables, FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Media, and other industries the insights needed to craft laser-focused activation strategies for short-term sales growth, as well as sophisticated, inclusive mass marketing for long-term brand building.


more likely to have brand positioning fit to clearly-defined target groups among high growth companies (McKinsey)


of CEOs are now banking on marketing leaders to drive growth (McKinsey)


of global consumers only buy products and services that appeal to their beliefs, values or ideals (NIQ)

The only way to achieve sustainable short- and long-term growth is to balance targeted activation with brand building aimed at the whole market — it’s not either-or.

Mark Ritson

Sophisticated mass marketing doesn’t mean targeting everyone, nor does it mean treating everyone the same. It means understanding the heterogeneity in your market, and then catering for only the differences that matter in order to maximize reach.

Byron Sharp

A dual approach to segmentation for both short and long term growth

Brands can no longer view their customers as a homogenous group. Nor can brands rely on strategic segmentation studies based solely on demographic data. To really thrive, brands need a new approach to understanding the diversity of their customers.

NIQ Growth Architect takes a two-pronged approach to maximize both sales in the short term and brand strength in the longer term. In the short term, you can embrace differences to target your most valuable segments based on their drivers of choice and position your brand to address their needs. In the long term, you can develop intelligent mass marketing that broadens your reach and strengthens your brand through a distinctive overarching brand positioning with universal appeal.

From strategy to execution

To drive results, segmentation studies need to be collaborative projects that capture input from your key stakeholders.

Work with NIQ to uncover critical insights and build a high-impact strategy that meets the unique needs of each business area. Execute your strategy with custom guides, dashboards, and workshops that transform complex information into simple, actionable steps.

Continue to breathe new life into your sales and marketing activities with customer segmentation and market segmentation that enriches your long-term understanding and decision-making.

Key features
Key features


Improve marketing strategy

Create more meaningful campaigns and messaging that resonate with your target groups.


Drive sales growth

Target your most valuable segments to improve brand strength, optimize marketing, and drive ROI.


Build a brand with purpose

Tap into consumers’ values and core beliefs to develop inclusive strategies that leave no one behind.


Uncover white spaces and keep pace with early adopters

With the customer at the center of your marketing and channel strategy, you can quickly spot unmet needs, stock the right products, or develop products that fill them.

Growth starts with your consumers- so should your strategy. See how we can help your brand grow.


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