Supply Chain

On-Shelf Availability Scorecard

Maintain your sales at the shelf by quickly identifying out-of-stock risks and reducing supply chain disruptions.

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Losses pile up with out-of-stocks

Quickly identify the location and timing of future out-of-stocks to prevent supply chain disruptions and maintain on-shelf availability. With NielsenIQ’s unmatched data and technology, you can pinpoint risk areas before they become lost sales.

Identify risks with advanced algorithms
Find your out-of-stocks before competitors
Align distribution to maximize promotions
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Pinpoint potential out-of-stocks before they occur

Discover on-shelf availability trends across retailers and categories, identifying risks due to out-of-stocks and missed promotional opportunities. Leverage an easy-to-use scorecard—powered by NielsenIQ’s granular data and advanced algorithms—to determine your position before competitors do, enabling you to gain better distribution and preserve revenues.

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Key features
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Accurate predictive capabilities

Predict where and when out-of-stocks will happen by merging NielsenIQ data with advanced technology-driven analysis.


actionable insights

Pinpoints where you need to address issues and invest resources so you can act fast.


Broad and

See out-of-stock impact on sales across brands, categories, and retail stores.

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