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NIQ Brandbank

Solutions Consulting

Utilize Brandbank expert advice to become a strategic partner in your product content digital transformation journey.

Tailored solutions for your business

Not sure what steps to take next in your digital transformation journey? Speak to our Professional Services team about your challenges and we will put together a team of SMEs to work with you to build your strategy. Our defined consultancy packages provide focus in key areas.

  • Focused workshops based on your objectives
  • Expert advice to build your global product content strategy
  • Solutions that fit with your internal processes and systems

NIQ Brandbank have a number of consultancy packages available



Usually, the discovery phase will include a number of workshops with key stakeholders to understand your challenges, existing processes and desired outcomes. At the end of the discovery phase, we will provide a full write-up of what we have learnt and documentation of your requirements as well as a defined strategy of goals and implementation steps.



Following the discovery phase, we will propose suitable solutions and discuss these with you to determine what will be the best fit for your business and align with your strategy. Once singed off we will then move to the implementation phase, where our delivery teams will support from start to finish, working through project milestones and reaching your go live objectives.



Once live, NIQ Brandbank will remain a key partner, to review success and ensure that your original strategic objectives are being met or if objectives change that we can adapt solutions with you.

Content Creation

Understand how CGI content creation can work for your business

  • Leverage existing artwork creation processes
  • Uncover use cases throughout your business
  • Implement automation for seamless creation of assets

Product Content Strategy

How else can product data support your business

  • Best practice attribution for product display pages
  • Consumer safety data best practice
  • Map data to relevant destinations and use cases within your business

Data Science Strategy

Leverage NIQ Brandbank expertise to use data science in your business

  • Data quality and validation
  • Reference data and categorization
  • Matching of similarities between products
  • Insights generation using product data e.g. health, sustainability, regulations

Integration Optimization

Streamline content delivery

  • Optimize content entry points into your business
  • Automate processes within your business processes
  • Utilize API integrations in and out

Discovery & Personalization

Deliver exceptional digital experiences for all

  • Understand your product discoverability strategy
  • Realize your business objectives for personalization within the shopping experience
  • Solutionize on how to implement enhance data to meet the needs of vary consumer diets and ifestyles

Want to get online? 

With NIQ Brandbank it is simple. Get in contact with the team and we will get your product online in no time.  

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