Digital Exposed Podcast: Episode 2, Season 2


Digital Exposed Podcast: Episode 2, Season 2

Mastering The Multichannel Minefield

In this episode, we talk to Danny Van der Heiden who is Benelux’s Head of Suppliers at NIQ Brandbank, Olivier Mangee, the Digital Data Content Manager at Carrefour Belgium and Bertran Carnier, who is the eCommerce Manager for Benelux at Spadel, talk us through the growth of eCommerce and omnichannel shopping and the evolution of product information over the past two decades, which is driving the need for brands and retailers to expand on their capability’s and support all market needs.

We discuss the key challenges faced by both the shoppers and the retail industry and how best to streamline your Omnichannel content to power the product lifecycle, how you can embrace the necessity for change, and what actions which can be taken.

Learn more about the rich media content and product performance solutions discussed in this episode.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The growth of eCommerce and omnichannel shopping
  • The evolution of product information over the past two decades
  • The challenges faced by both shoppers and the retail industry
  • How best to streamline your omnichannel content to power the product lifecycle
  • How to embrace the necessity of change
  • What actions can be taken by brands and retailers
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Olivier Mangez
Digital Data Content Manager
Carrefour Belgium

Olivier has worked at Carrefour for the last 8 years and is responsible for the management and quality output of the Digital Data Content team there. He is also responsible for the enrichment and validation of all digital data for the products marketed at Carrefour Belgium. The data captured is then used by various internal customers, including E-commerce.

Bertrand Carnier

Bertrand Carnier
eCommerce Manager (Benelux)

Bertrand joined Spadel in June 2022 as E-commerce Manager and has been working on the development of Spadel’s E-commerce channel in both Belgium and the Netherlands. His duties include establishing the Spadel vision of an online perfect store and working on the implementation of the E-commerce strategy alongside the commercial team in charge of E-retail, pure players, and flash delivery. Before joining Spadel, Bertrand had been working in different commercial roles at NielsenIQ Brandbank for more than 8 years in the Benelux region.

Danny van der Heijden
Benelux Head of Suppliers
NIQ Brandbank

Danny joined NIQ Brandbank in 2016 and has since been working with both retailers and suppliers across the Benelux region, supporting clients with NIQ’s content management solutions and developing relevant strategies for their business to achieve growth in their omnichannel performance. Prior to his current role, Danny was responsible for the GDSN Business Development within the Benelux following the GS1 Netherlands DMS Accreditation in 2017, and prior to that he formed part of the NIQ Brandbank Retail team, managing the accounts of AholdDelhaize, Makro / Metro Group, DetailResultGroep and others.

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