Digital Exposed Podcast: Episode 2


Digital Exposed Podcast: Episode 2

From Uncertainty to Opportunity

In this episode of Digital Exposed, we investigate wha the 2022 shopper looks like now the pandemic is over. Cautious confidence has slowly returned, but uncertainty is still influencing mindsets and purchasing decisions meaning brands and retailers are now facing vastly different shoppers with changing wants and needs, and new ways they want to shop.

We look at the journey from uncertainty to opportunity for shoppers, brands, and retailers – sharing insights from NIQ’s research into how COVID-19 has impacted the shoppers’ outlook and what the priorities, expectations, and purchasing prospects look like now.

Our experts discuss the potential trajectory scenarios that we are predicting could evolve for brands and retailers over the next three years and share important industry thoughts and advice on how best to respond, unlock new opportunities and accelerate product discovery and business growth.

Learn more about the rich media content and product performance solutions discussed in this episode.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The journey from uncertainty to opportunity
  • Potential shopper trajectories scenarios predicted for brands and retailers into 2025 as a result of shopper new priorities
  • Thoughts and advice from our panel of industry experts on how brands and retailers should respond
  • How to unlock new opportunities, accelerate product discovery and business growth
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