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Consumer and Marketing Insights

Unlocking growth by uncovering the needs and motivations behind people’s purchase behavior

Discover solutions that turn insights into action

A portfolio of Consumer & Marketing Insights that will bring clear answers to complex problems, synced to market performance.

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Consumer Insights

Know the Consumer

Put people at the heart of your strategy.

Target and position to drive growth.

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Brand and Customer Experience

Build an Irresistible Brand

Build a strong brand and link your brand’s performance with market reality.

Deliver powerful brand experiences.



Enhance Marketing Effectiveness

Maximize your ad’s creative impact and pair great creative with an optimal cross-media mix, to realize its full market potential.

Shopper and Retail Insights

Win in Retail

Boost brand sales at the point of purchase with an energized and optimized retail strategy, grounded in shopper insights.

Foundation: NIQ proprietary retail measurement and consumer panel data assets

Understand the evolving landscape and your retail store performance to drive retention and conversion

NIQ’s Shopper Trends is an annual syndicated Survey-Based Solution that leverages over a decade of trended data with comprehensive coverage across 50+ markets, delivering in-depth insights into shopper and category trends.

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Uncorking: How Ready-to-Drink Alcohol Beverages are Changing Consumption

Are you curious about how Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverages have revolutionized alcohol consumption practices?

The BevAl industry has experienced a significant hike in sales over the last few years along with an increase of cross-category drinkers. To better understand this growth and other industry trends, NIQ Consumer Insights recently performed research to evaluate the effect of RTD alcoholic drinks on drinking habits.

Brand Architect

Build an irresistable brand.

NIQ Brand Architect bridges the gap between brand performance and market reality, by unveiling the brand’s value in people’s minds and unlocks the interplay between strategy, market forces and activation.

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Consumption Moments

Bringing understanding into the daily-life context of people’s consumption, enabling you to showcase how your products genuinely enhance life’s moments.

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Your strategic growth partner

Helping you discover solutions to your most pressing business problems and turn insights into action to build a powerful brand, stay ahead of your competition, and drive sales.