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Food in America Series: Improved Health through Consumer Insights

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Food in America: A Tale of Two Consumers

In America, inequality is evident in many ways and is particularly pronounced in our dietary habits. This divide seems to be expanding, particularly in the realm of food, nutrition, and Americans’ ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Top Wellness Trends to Know for 2024

Discover the latest health and wellness trends for 2024 in our eBook! Explore insights on shifting consumer behaviors and emerging product attributes. Learn about economic influences, burgeoning health trends, the rise of clean labels, consumer sustainability focus, and much more.

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What’s next in wellness: Exploring the shopping patterns of budget-conscious consumers

With ongoing economic pressures, participation in the US Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) became more important to consumers in 2023.

The World in Better Data

As the leading provider of global retail measurement data, NIQ’s actionable insights produces a full view of consumer behavior, with operations in 90+ markets, covering more than 90% of the world’s population.  

NielsenIQ’s CPG retail sales and consumer panel data provide a unique consumer perspective that drives meaningful change in the realm of global, regional, and local health, hunger, and nutrition challenges. 

NielsenIQ delivers the Full View, the world’s most complete and clear understanding of consumer buying behavior

Retail measurement sales data

Retail measurement sales data covers 95% of global GDP and tracks 76 million unique CPG items globally, creating advanced datasets based on market performance.

Consumer household
panels ​

Homescan and Omnishopper Panels track consumers’ brick-and-mortar and e-commerce purchases and behavior for all CPG brands and retailers. The panel is demographically and ethnically representative across 24 countries.

Product package and label data ​

Product package and label data provide access to thousands of product attributes and claims which are built based on on-pack attribution as well as derived attribution.

We are a trusted data partner helping governments, NGOs, and research organizations around the world to modernize and leverage actionable insights with precision and in real-time to help shape, inform and resolve policy outcomes for a healthier and more equitable future. 

NIQ Data with Impact

As diet-related diseases caused by unhealthy food consumption gain more attention, scientists and academia around the world are helping inform and guide policy decisions by conducting research that examines shopping patterns, product labeling, and even advertising policies. NIQ research, including data from Product Insights and Consumer Panel datasets, gives these scientists a solid platform of numbers, facts, and figures on which to test their theories and draw conclusions. Here’s a sampling of what researchers from Australia to the United States have discovered.