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Welcome to the NIQ Lightning Hub, your ignition for growth in the Tobacco industry, where you can:

  • Harness the power of our valuable insights and data-driven intelligence to grow your business strategy.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of market trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscapes.
  • Stay ahead of the curve and unlock lightning-fast growth opportunities with our actionable intelligence and power up your business with NIQ.

On-demand webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar to explore the heating products category, pinpoint its growth drivers, and dive into new important channels like e-commerce.

First broadcast on January 25th, 2023.

Insights to empower your business
Insights to empower your business


Optimizing product distribution? Start here.

06 April, 2023

A man checks a product price during an economic recession


2023 Pricing & Promotion Tools & Best Practices​

03 April, 2023

Casual businessman sitting down using a tablet to shop e-commerce


E-commerce success in 2023 and beyond: Leveraging growth and maximizing returns

18 January, 2023

A group of people collaborate in a conference room to unlock innovation success in 2023.


Three critical questions to unlock innovation success in 2023

16 January, 2023

Ignite your growth

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Accelerate profitable growth by diagnosing what happened, predicting what will happen, and prescribing what to do about it.

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Building bigger, better brands the first time: That’s why BASES exists. We help you make those difficult decisions and efficiently optimize from the start.

Consumer Insights

Critical behavioral insights, data-backed recommendations, and go-to market optimization. Consumer Insights is your trusted growth advisor.

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Leverage comprehensive data sets around online shopping to drive digital growth.


Trust your performance and trend data with comprehensive market measurement solutions.


Empower small and medium businesses with NIQ data and insights.

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