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NielsenIQ Global Fusion

Simplify cross-market decision making with harmonized data.


Disconnected market data slows growth

Empower your team to make reliable decisions in a nuanced global environment through consistent, streamlined data across markets. With NielsenIQ Global Fusion, you can integrate, analyze, and share cross-market insights faster than ever before.

Identify cross-market growth opportunities
Benchmark performance across markets
Make global data-driven decisions faster

Cross-market intelligence made easy

The NielsenIQ Global Fusion dataset integrates different local market realities—such as languages, currencies, and product classifications—into a clear, easy-to-read set of results. Access your data through a single business intelligence (BI) platform to facilitate ease of use for global team members. With a consistent picture of cross-country performance, you can act on business opportunities with speed and confidence.

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Key features
Key features



NielsenIQ Global Fusion automates the time-intensive work of storing, integrating, and visualizing cross-market data, so you can focus on deriving insights.


Maximize return on investment

Validate your return on investment early and grow further, by starting with syndicated or shallow reads of a category or market and expanding with your needs.


Easy-to-use platform

Increase ease-of-access to NielsenIQ Global Fusion across your organization through a single platform, NielsenIQ Essentials.


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