Perfect your channels

Leverage granular, flexible models to expand the availability of your products.

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Growing without knowing where you’re going?

Expanding your reach won’t help if it’s unsustainable, much less unprofitable. Discover the direction that resonates with your strategy so you can reach the right destination.

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Harmonized, deduplicated, and integrated CPG sales and share tracking data—spanning online and offline channels



Capture consumer purchases across online and offline channels for a complete view of changing omnichannel behaviors.

Route to Market
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Gain insights into local product activities and launches to improve performance



Assess performance and analytics at the micro-region level.

Global Services
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Track category performance across the globe


Global Snapshot

Leverage timely, localized, and customizable insights to maximize competitive advantages across international markets.

Retail Collaboration
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Plan, collaborate, and grow—together


Retail Collaboration

Build trust across your retail and manufacturer partnerships with shared data, metrics, and analytics.