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Linkontro NielsenIQ

Linkontro 2022
The time of uncertainty

May 19-22, 2022
Forte Village Resort, Santa Margherita di Pula (CA)

2022 Edition


Linkontro is the appointment of the FMCG community that meets every year for a professional update and to map out the way forward. The event lasts four days and takes place at the Forte Village Resort, in Sardinia hosting about 600 managers representing over 200 companies. 

This is where the still weak signals of change are intercepted, new ideas cross at high speed, and bridges are built to unite the pillars of the sector: manufacturers and retailers.

 Linkontro is an initiative by NielsenIQ, which has guided its realization for over 30 years. The long history of the event is confirmation that Linkontro is a unique and unmissable moment to reflect on the past and design a more sustainable future, together. 


The time of uncertainty

The unthinkable has happened, and it has profoundly changed the environment around us, our way of being and of working. First the pandemic, with its continuous and nerve-wracking waves, although perhaps progressively less violent and aggressive. Then the war at Europe’s doorstep. These two extreme phenomena are having enormous consequences on all levels: economic, political and social. From ruptures in logistic systems to the lack of many raw materials, from soaring prices to restrictions on individual freedoms, from the threat to mental and physical health to the future of each individual and entire peoples. We cannot hide this context of difficulty if we want to be able to find new and more effective answers to the trials we face today.

If it is true that culture is the way in which people respond to the challenges of the world, this epochal challenge is pushing for important changes in our way of being, thinking, feeling and acting. At Linkontro 2022 we will share what we have experienced so far, what we have learned, and find a few more ideas that will allow us to glimpse the possible future that awaits us in order to live the present effectively. With rationality, passion, a sense of responsibility, the ability to connect people and ideas, solidarity, courage and hope we will explore themes such as the redrawing of the geopolitical map, the role of emotions in consumption and work behaviors, inflation and the redesign of economic systems, post-traumatic leadership and the hopes to cultivate together with the younger generations. To be able to deliver a world of peace and prosperity.




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Advisory Board 2022

Content Management
Content Management

The Linkontro advisory board is constituted of business leaders who believe in the value of this initiative and dedicate resources and passion to the success of the event. This team meets regularly to define the themes and contents of the Linkontro programming and guides the choice of speakers.

Tickets and registration

Registrations for Linkontro 2022 will be managed and coordinated by FA Travel, one of the most qualified business travel, meeting, congress, and tourism agencies. FA Travel is headquartered in Sardinia, operates throughout the national territory, and is closely connected to Forte Village. ​

FA Travel ensures a relationship of attention and high professionalism with staff dedicated to Linkontro.​


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