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Unlock insights with a complete view of the pet market

NIQ’s robust suite of solutions and unmatched coverage of the total pet market deliver the Full ViewTM and meet the needs of retailers, manufacturers, emerging brands, and pet industry associations.

Emerging and Growth NielsenIQ Pet Products Hub

Byzzer powered by NielsenIQ provides emerging and growth pet brands access to the most complete coverage of pet market consumer intelligence and insights on the market to take your brand to the next level – without breaking the bank


The pet industry’s trusted partner for consumer and market insights

NIQ delivers a clear line of sight into critical insights with industry-leading pet coverage backed by our trusted, quality measurement and panel data. Enabling businesses of all types and sizes to unlock their full potential by delivering insights needed to fuel decisions to remain competitive across the pet market.

What makes us different​
What makes us different​

NIQ provides the only holistic view of pet available in the industry

  • Omnichannel coverage including all fulfillment types
  • Total pet care view across consumables & supplies
  • Expansive pet specialty, conventional, neighborhood & online pet retailer coverage

Complete pet coverage

The broadest pet channel coverage in the industry, including exclusive pet specialty retailers and pet-forward online retailers, fueling powerful & actionable insights to drive your business.

Unmatched item coverage & attribution data

The most extensive pet item database in the pet industry, with custom pet characteristics and robust product attribution, providing an industry-standard view of the pet market.

Pet industry leaders

NIQ is the exclusive insights provider for WPA, delivers critical market measurement to APPA, a strategic industry partner for IndiePet, and the chosen partner for the majority of pet retailers and manufacturers.

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The pet industry is growing, make sure you’re ahead of the trend

Pet ownership has reached an all-time high in the U.S. with over 70% of households currently owning a pet. The industry continues to see increased humanization of pets and overall spend on wellness-focused premium products. Now more than ever it is important to have clear line of sight into critical insights to remain competitive.

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Almost every industry is going through major changes and facing pressure from inflation and consumer behavior shifts in 2023. And Pet brands are no exception. So, what are the pet trends you need to understand to stay ahead of the game?

Pet solutions
Pet solutions

Our solutions aligned to the pet industry help you capture market share amid rapidly changing consumer buying preferences to differentiate from competitors

Size the market opportunity

Harness the power of the most trusted and comprehensive data with an advanced, cloud-based data management, analytics, and visualization platform.

Understand the consumer intent

Capture pet consumer purchases across online and offline channels for a complete view of changing omnichannel behaviors.

Maximize product discoverability

Suite of solutions that utilizes attribution data to determine pet trends and growth opportunities, enabling product ideation and marketing optimization.

Innovate your products

Understand the intent behind pet consumer sentiment to bridge the innovation gap and maximize your return.

Supporting small to mid-size businesses

We know visibility is a priority for small businesses. NielsenIQ’s Byzzer, a data and insights platform designed for small businesses, can help you gain market share and stay ahead of competition by leveraging comprehensive data and insights for a holistic view of the pet market.

Industry insights
Industry insights