NielsenIQ Packaging hub

UnPack the power of data to drive innovation and overall business growth.

Our suite of packaging solutions provides the most
comprehensive global view of retail CPG sales data
and consumer behavior insights.


Stay up-to-the-minute on changing trends affecting your business

Our globally trusted point-of-sale (POS) and attribution data provides the accuracy and granularity needed in the packaging industry to validate high-stakes business decisions and set a focused strategy.

The most complete view of what and where products are sold, coupled with the why behind the buy.

What makes us different
What makes us different

NielsenIQ provides unmatched packaging coverage and critical attribution data


Proactively identify sales and product
trends across categories and brands

  • Expand into new markets
  • Identify upsell opportunities
  • Improve innovation and planning
  • Become a trusted consultant to your manufacturing partners
  • Reduce cost and maximize revenue

Breadth and depth of data

Track performance across geographies, categories, products, materials, sizes, etc.

Attribution details

The most extensive packaging-specific attribute database in the industry

Global coverage

One global platform provides comprehensive coverage and data consistency across your organization

Unlock your opportunity

We know not every question has an easy answer. Tell us your unique situation or what you might need, and we’ll work with you to find a solution that makes your life easier.


Our solutions and insights help packaging companies capture market share amid rapidly changing consumer buying preferences to differentiate from the competition and grow their business.

Testing and Design

Neuro Pack360 assesses a package’s performance across the shopper journey. This comprehensive methodology combines explicit online survey with in-lab EEG and eye-tracking research.

Sustainability Report Pack

Getting measured in the market by your sustainability commitment, do you know how your efforts are scoring? We’ve created an affordable report pack to supply you with the information you need to take your sustainability initiatives to the next step.

The Leading Edge

The leading edge is where first movers are investing, testing, and betting on the next big thing. Understand the top investments that will impact CPG in the next 3 years.

Global Inflation Hub

NielsenIQ uses advanced pricing analytics and international datasets to monitor the effects of CPG inflation on shoppers and categories across markets.

Supporting small to mid-size businesses

NielsenIQ’s Byzzer, a data and insights platform designed for businesses, can help you gain market share and stay ahead of competition by leveraging comprehensive data and insights for a wholistic view of the packaging market.