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NielsenIQ uses advanced pricing analytics and international datasets to monitor the effects of CPG inflation on shoppers and categories across markets. Get monthly updates on the latest pricing trends, consumer behavior changes, and more.

The Grocery Price Tracker

Inflation has strained consumers’ wallets and dominated headlines throughout 2022. NielsenIQ is monitoring its impact on consumer mindsets and everyday grocery products as the cost of goods and services continues to rise around the world.

The latest NielsenIQ survey data shows that while few countries have escaped inflation’s reach, some, including Italy, South Africa, and the U.K. are reporting more noticeable increases in the cost of their weekly grocery bills.

At the shelf, prices increase for categories like oils, pasta, and coffee are consistently high across markets. While price spikes in some markets are contained to specific categories, others, like the U.S., Mexico, and India, are feeling pressure in categories across the store.  

Below is a snapshot of NielsenIQ’s Global Grocery Price Tracker insights from around the world.

The cost to consume
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Featured insight

What is inflation? Glossary of terms, definitions, and meanings

We’ve compiled this glossary to help break down the various economic terms, acronyms, and jargon that are now popping up in news stories, social posts, and table top talk. We’ll be updating this word bank as the global conversation evolves.



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Track inflation’s impact across the globe

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