How Americans are shopping

The American consumer landscape of where people shop and what they buy has been irrefutably disrupted by COVID-19 and the global pandemic. NielsenIQ is sharing the latest retail shopper data to shed light on the trends continuing to impact Americans shopping habits during and after covid. 

CPG sales in-store vs. online (YOY)

Operating an omnichannel business requires an understanding of sales trends instore, online and collectively so strategies can adjust to meet changing buying behaviors.

E-commerce share of CPG sales

Booming online sales have continued transforming the CPG landscape with e-commerce consistently gaining share of total CPG sales.

E-commerce measurement

In today’s omni environment, more and more shoppers are seamlessly shifting across online and offline for CPG purchases.  Brick and mortar stores still anchor sales, but the rapid rate of e-commerce growth cannot be ignored for those looking to stay ahead of the competition.  

E-commerce fulfillment dollar sales change (YOY)

Known by many names, curbside pick up gained momentum as more shoppers sought contactless options during the pandemic.  Orders delivered directly to a shopper’s home by far account for the majority of CPG sales, but curbside pick up has been particularly appealing for shoppers hesitant to have groceries delivered.  As more people embrace e-commerce for grocery orders, curbside pick up shows strong growth potential. 

In order to understand How Americans Are Shopping requires an analysis changes in consumer behavior: the outlets where the purchase occur, and the factors driving changes in consumption such as frequency of purchase and size of purchase. 

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