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The rise of online is disrupting the course of the FMCG industry. With consumers becoming channel agnostic and redefining their expectations of retail, many are now mixing purchases across online and physical store channels.

For FMCG manufacturers and retailers, understanding the trends shaping the e-commerce industry is critical for survival.

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Podcast series: Let’s talk E-commerce!

Welcome to “Let’s talk E-commerce!”, our new video podcast series that will give you a full view on omnishopping around the globe, featuring the NIQ e-commerce leaders and some exclusive industry guests. From the latest e-commerce trends to online events, from optimizing the digital shelf to e-commerce innovation, each episode will shed light on the e-commerce hot topics for FMCG retailers and manufacturers.

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Online shopping is now a settled part of our daily routine despite differences in internet speed and evolution globally. With rising online adoption rates across regions and generations, e-commerce is only primed to accelerate in popularity.   

This shift will continue as global consumers remain cautious of what they are spending their money on and how much, especially with inflationary pressures and rising costs of living. As a result, consumers will look for the best deals online and across borders, making global online shopping events a critical strategic tool for manufacturers and brands everywhere.  

With e-commerce rising as a key retail channel generating strong revenue, manufacturers and brands are now encountering a new question of how to boost online sales and continue this growth momentum. Global online shopping festivals and events can be the next area to transform under the e-commerce evolution.

The age of the “now” consumer

Convenience is now more of a retail concept than a retail channel and e-commerce is increasingly catering to this growing need of consumers for quick, hassle free access to products. Propelled by the Covid-19 pandemic, online commerce continues to see a steep rise in adoption, especially in consumer groups who were infrequent users of the channel or were completely offline shoppers – becoming the “now consumers”.

To understand these “now” consumers, your brand needs reliable and accurate FMCG insights, both offline and online, to drive successful business strategies – there’s no room for blind spots!

To build for the next normal, NIQ has identified three pillars for brands to win in the age of the “now consumer”.


Webinar: 2023 Black Friday Results in a cautionary consumer climate​

NielsenIQ and Foxintelligence experts shared unique e-commerce data and insights from 2023 Black Friday sales in Western Europe to allow companies strategize and succeed in a world of omni shopping.

Maximizing e-commerce opportunities

Our data and insights allow you to make informed decisions to understand and engage with the now consumer. Our solutions can help you and your e-commerce teams to:

  • Understand how you’re performing in the marketplace, online and offline, to create actionable and performance-oriented strategies to fuel your growth
  • Optimize digital shelf performance – improve product development, differentiation, assortment and availability
  • Drive effective marketing, promotion, and distribution strategy across your e-commerce stores
  • Predict future trends to build forward looking strategies
  • Explore new cross border opportunities
  • Navigate e-commerce metrics like keyword search, shopping cart analysis, etc.


“We use Foxintelligence by NIQ to accelerate our digital transformation. We now have an all-in-one tool to read the market. We have the ability to act and react in near-real-time.”

Lionel Devidal, Digital & E-commerce Director, Sephora 
Lionel Devidal

“Data Impact has helped us measure our share of search more precisely. We also rely on their benchmarking reporting to detect the categories where we need to boost our SOS. Plus, the support team really knows their stuff and offers lots of powerful insights.”

Michael Hogenbirk, ERetail Marketing Manager, Ab InBev 
Michael Hogenbirk

“Foxintelligence by NIQ enables us to build 3-year forecasts and strategic plans.”

Séverine Geoffroy, Digital Executive Commercial Director, Carrefour
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