Optimize your performance

Improve the efficiency of your products and services to elevate your results.

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Analytics that don’t belong to everyone serve no one

By democratizing analytics across your organization, you can diagnose what happened, predict what will happen, and prescribe what to do about it—unlocking peak performance at every level.

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RMS Tracking
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Unmatched NielsenIQ data that helps you achieve your strategic goals


Key Account Data

Use the same performance data as your retail and manufacturing partners to drive sales at the account level

Data Intelligence
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Elevate your company’s data culture with comprehensive automated measurement and analytics platforms.


NielsenIQ Essentials

A suite of user-friendly digital tools that makes it simple for CPG teams to access, understand, and act on data.

Supply Chain
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Minimize disruptions to maximize your ability to win at the shelf


On-Shelf Availability Scorecard

Maintain your sales at the shelf by quickly identifying out-of-stock risks and reducing supply chain disruptions.

Enriched Market Intelligence
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Discover the robust data and details about your customers you need to meet their needs


Spectra & SSI

Identify the most important shopper demographics, lifestyles, and behaviors to uncover the greatest consumer opportunities.



A dynamic catalog of retail and on-premise location information that delivers a consistent view of store-level performance and strategic needs.

Retail Collaboration
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Plan, collaborate, and grow—together


Retail Collaboration

Build trust across your retail and manufacturer partnerships with shared data, metrics, and analytics.