Customer data analysis

How to Use Analytics to Unlock Growth

What is Customer Analytics?

Customer analytics, a crucial aspect of consumer data analysis, involves the systematic examination of consumer behavior and trends. This process integrates various elements like consumer surveys, consumer data platforms, and consumer panel data, offering a comprehensive view of the market. In today’s data-driven world, understanding consumer data trends and purchase drivers is not just beneficial; it’s essential for survival and growth in industries such as e-commerce, retail, and FMCG. By analyzing consumer behavior, companies can tailor their strategies to meet evolving market demands, ensuring they stay ahead in a competitive landscape.


Consumer Analytics

Go deeper and create more clarity around shopper behavior with custom surveys and segmentation with the solution from NielsenIQ.

4 Main Customer Analytics Categories

Consumer analytics encompasses four primary categories: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics. Each plays a pivotal role in interpreting consumer data, offering unique insights for strategic decision-making.

Why Customer Analytics Matters

Customer analytics is vital for businesses across various sectors, including FMCG, sales, and e-commerce. It enables companies to create personalized experiences, improve customer engagement, and boost retention, ultimately leading to increased revenue. By understanding consumer behavior through data analysis, businesses can make informed decisions that resonate with their target audience.

How to Collect and Store Customer Analytics Data

How NIQ and GfK can help

In the dynamic landscape of consumer behavior, leveraging customer analysis results is pivotal for strategic decision-making. This is where NielsenIQ (NIQ) and GfK emerge as indispensable partners. Their suite of solutions, including Homescan, Omnishopper, Consumer Analytics, Consumption Moments, GfK Newron Consumer, and GfK Consumer Life, provide a comprehensive understanding of consumer trends and behaviors.
By integrating these tools, companies can transform raw data into actionable insights.

Explore our range of solutions to harness the full potential of customer data analysis:

  • NielsenIQ’s Homescan: Track, diagnose, and analyze consumer behavior from more than 250,000 households across 25 countries.
  • NielsenIQ’s Omnishopper: Capture consumer purchases across online and offline channels for a complete view of changing omnichannel behaviors.
  • Consumer analytics: Go deeper and create more clarity around shopper behavior with custom surveys and segmentation.
  • Consumption moments: Reveal the true motivations behind customer consumption behavior and usage to guide product innovation and marketing strategy.
  • gfknewron Consumer: Understand your consumers’ behavior to redefine your success
  • gfknewron Consumer Audience Profiler: Simplify the complex consumer journey into a single framework to know your buyers better than ever before
  • GfK Consumer Life: A robust and stable international consumer segmentation study based on values, lifestyle, buying behavior and affinity for tech. Can be customized by market and product.

In conclusion, NIQ and GfK equip businesses with the tools to not only understand but also anticipate and respond to consumer needs and market dynamics effectively. Their solutions offer a roadmap for companies to navigate the complex consumer landscape, ensuring informed decision-making and strategic growth.