NIQ Ethics Hotline
NIQ Ethics Hotline

Integrity is the foundation of NIQ’s business—our people, our reputation, our clients and the communities where we live, and work depend on it. NIQ employees at every level, in every department and at every location have a responsibility to speak up when they believe they have knowledge of wrongdoing. To make a report about actions that are illegal, unethical or in violation of our policies, you may use the internal reporting channels as described in the NIQ Code of Conduct but also the NIQ Ethics Hotline.  

Please note, in some countries, the scope of reporting via the hotline is by applicable law limited to certain issues. NIQ employees are encouraged to review additional details about the NIQ Speak Up program on the NIQ intranet. 

Any retaliation against a whistleblower is a serious violation of the Code of Conduct that will lead to disciplinary measures as outlined in NIQ’s Code of Conduct. Any retaliation should be immediately reported. 

EU Whistleblower Directive of 2019

The EU Whistleblower Directive of 2019 provides that an individual who meets the conditions for protection under the Directive is safeguarded from any form of retaliation and from threats of or attempt at retaliation when reporting acquired information on suspected breaches of law or regulation in a work-related context. To enjoy protection under the Directive the reporting person must report either internally (within their employer’s organization – NIQ Ethics Hotline) or externally (to a competent authority – find list here). 

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