Pet food trends shaping the industry in 2023


Pet food trends shaping the industry in 2023

  • Learn more about 2023’s key trend of pet humanization and what it means for pet care companies.  
  • 2023’s key trend for the pet category is humanization — see how this impacts trends and the omnichannel shopping experience. 
  • Leading experts, Fountain Partnership collaborates with NIQ Brandbank providing search-engine-optimization (SEO) advice to make pet care products stand out from the crowd. 

Worldwide pet ownership has increased substantially

Pet ownership around the world boomed during the pandemic, as many turned to furry friends for emotional support and to improve their own wellbeing. Many that previously put-off owning a pet found themselves with more time at home and more time to care for and look after an animal.

Dog with Treat Stick in Mouth

More than half of the world’s population is estimated to own at least one pet.

Shoppers seek personalized shopping experiences, meeting pet wellness needs

As well as an increase in the number of pets, there is a general increase in awareness of their pets’ health and wellness needs among pet owners. Higher levels of disposable income, increased access to information, awareness of pet health, and a growing demand for convenience have reshaped the way people shop for their pets.  

E-commerce in the pet category has grown in recent years, as shoppers seek convenient and personalized shopping experiences for their pet food, supplements, toys, and more. 

Fountain Partnership and NIQ Brandbank take a deep dive into the pet category

In combination with Fountain Partnership, NIQ Brandbank created a report examining the way pet owners shop in 2023 — exploring topics of the humanization of pets and the growing demand for personalized pet care shopping experiences. The report provides in-depth insights into emerging trends and expectations that brands and retailers can implement today to meet the growing demands of today’s modern consumer. 

Download this report to learn: 

  • 2023’s key trends in both search and sales 
  • What pet humanization means for pet care companies in 2023 and beyond 
  • SEO advice from leading experts from Fountain Partnership for making products more discoverable  
  • How to create personalized pet shopping experiences 
  • What makes a seamless omnichannel shopping experience 

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Learn how to optimize your labeling and product information to enhance the shopping experience, build loyalty, and supercharge your sales.