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Advanced Analytics for Pricing and Revenue Management

Maximize profitability, eliminate wasteful trade spend and ensure the right price and promotion strategy with more granular data and precise recommendations.



Optimize pricing strategy and execution

Understand volume drivers and timing to identify optimal every day and promotional price points and maximize profits


Improve promotional performance

Translate shelf and pricing strategy into account-specific tactics to ensure profitable promotions


Artificial intelligence

A.I. capabilities uncover new opportunities faster by eliminating guesswork and reducing time spent trying to optimize pricing, promotions, and trade spend.

Find the right solutions
Find the right solutions

Pricing trade-offs in the era of Covid

22 February 2022 , < 1 mins read

On-demand webinar
On-demand webinar

The Year of Price and Inflation

Watch our latest on-demand session with POI, with the participation of Abraham Neme, Global Head BI and Analytics at Beam Suntory, Bennett Cox, Advanced Analytics at NielsenIQ, and Marion Marchenoir, Revenue Management Analytics at NielsenIQ as they explore how to create and drive a winning revenue growth mindset. You’ll learn how your business can manage the risks and create opportunities despite the uncertainty.

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Get ahead of the competition taking your analysis to the next level. Advanced Analytics can help accelerate your growth.