Go beyond the Natural, unlock the Full View of your Category

Better For Segment™ goes beyond the “Natural Channel”, which as defined by competitors, misses 90% of the actual Better For™ market, where Premier Fresh shoppers spend 8x more share of wallet. 

NIQ codes products across all channels and provides the full view of your category, highlighting the roadmap for successful expansion and narrowing your competitive set of category disruptors and differentiated products.​

Better For products are sold in every retail outlet, so if you only focus on the natural space, you aren’t reaching all your consumers.

Better For Segment™ solves limitations that come from the “Natural Channel” by defining and narrowing a competitive set of category disruptors and differentiated products.​ 

  • Analyze the full view of category dynamics across all channels ​
  • Measure brands that differentiate through claims, certifications, and positioning ​
  • Reach and segment value-oriented consumers ​
  • Apply meaningful and sustainable growth towards your products

How Does NIQ Define Better For?

NIQ Better For Segment is the first algorithm that identifies brands through product characteristics, positioning, sales and distribution (food and beverage categories only).  Using an algorithm, our definition is automated and easily scalable to ensure we are always up to date on the latest Better For trends.

Better For


Healthier – Organic and Natural, Trending Diets, Plant-Based, and more

Better For



Eco-friendly, Bio-Based, BCorp, and more

Better For


Fair Trade, Fair Wages, Animal Welfare and more

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Why NIQ Better For Segment™?


Full View™ of

Go Beyond
Sales Data

A straight-forward method to classifying Better For products versus a subjective one from competitors, enabling scalability

NIQ codes for products across all channels, providing you the total view of your category

We’re not limited to sales data, run Better For analysis on pricing, assortment, consumer, and shopper insights

Answer Key Questions

  • How does my portfolio measure against the competitive set across all channels at a brand level? ​
  • Which brands are disrupting categories with value-oriented better for positioning?  Who are their consumers?​
  • What Better For claims, certifications, and positioning do consumers care about? 
  • How can I penetrate beyond small, regional “natural channel” retailers to reach more consumers with my message and products?​
  • How can I better connect with retailers on differentiation and category performance? 
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NIQ’s industry-leading data is derived from deep product coding,
full views across channels, and consumer panels.

Use Better For Segment™ to grow quickly and sustainably

Experience the new NielsenIQ for small and scaling brands – at a low-cost, low-risk entry.