Introduction to NielsenIQ Retail Measurement Services

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The Ultimate Guide to NielsenIQ Retail Measurement Services (RMS) Client Learning Site offers learning resources on data foundations and analytics. Please view the overview material on this page or access the links below to view additional pages for your most relevant topics.

What is NielsenIQ Retail Measurement Services?

This video is a high-level overview of NielsenIQ Retail Measurement Services is—and how you can use it.

(Video length: 3 minutes, 4 seconds)

Introduction to NielsenIQ RMS data

This video introduces the concept of NielsenIQ Retail Measurement Services data dimensions, as well as how each can be used.

(Video length: 4 minutes, 51 seconds)

Retail Measurement Services (RMS) Data Collection

This video explores how RMS data is collected.

(Video length: 5 minutes, 53 seconds)

Combine RMS & CPS for a total market view

Watch this video to learn how Nielsen’s RMS & CPS datasets work together to create a total market view.

(Video length: 3 minutes, 28 seconds)