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The Insight Hour by NIQ-GfK

Tune into this session to understand how to navigate the ever-shifting landscape of today’s business world using our 3E strategy: Embrace, Enhance and Expand. We also discuss briefly about enabling companies to anticipate growth opportunities and anticipate disruption by vigilantly monitoring industry trends and market dynamics.

Business Resilience in the Customer-Centric Era


  • Keynote speech by Nikhil Mathur, Managing Director – India, GfK – An NIQ Company
  • Leaders Pulse Survey
  • Panel Discussion featuring Industry Leaders
  • Closing Remarks

Indicative Discussion Points:

  • Strategic Integration of Digital Technologies
  • Anticipating Disruption Through Predictive Analytics
  • Emerging Trends and Technologies for 2024 and beyond
  • Generative AI’s Impact on Innovation
  • Market Research and Data-Driven Insights
  • Consumer Intelligence for Personalized Experiences
  • Agility in Response to Market Dynamics
  • The Human Element in Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Elevating Brand Relevance in the Data-Driven Customer-Centric Era

Meet the Speakers

S Sunil Kumar
Preeti Bajaj
Nikhil Mathur
Anurita Chopra
Manish Anandani

Emerging Brand Insights and Thought Leadership

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