How technology ecosystems can improve your business


How technology ecosystems can improve your business

As their data capabilities have grown, leading technology-based companies have started providing interconnected services to meet the ever-shifting demands of consumers. 

These services are meant to intersect and integrate with the offerings of another company in order to create stronger consumer goods partnerships. This kind of collaboration leads to the formation of what is known as technology ecosystems.

What is a technology ecosystem?

Simply put, a technology ecosystem keeps the customer’s end-to-end journey at its center, bringing service and customer survey providers together, so they can keep up with market needs, tap into reliable retail measurement data, and address key issues.

A technology ecosystem also enables its members to access new clients, expanding their market reach and paving their way to new revenue opportunities. The partnership eliminates tedious data management and instead focuses on executing plans in a seamless, hassle-free, and collaborative approach, resulting in added value for both clients and partners.

The future of technology ecosystems

The future of technology ecosystems will require service platforms to become more open, dynamic, and integration friendly. Consumers are no longer evaluating products solely on their ability to function independently. Market measurement data for major retail stores has shown that they also judge them on how they function as part of a holistic digital ecosystem encompassing all their products and services, as well as the complexity of store-level information.

Customers decide who they want to engage with based on the ecosystem they want to be part of. Whether it’s personal fitness tracking, spreadsheet-based collaboration, or connecting CRM platforms, people commit to ecosystems that can integrate seamlessly with their personal and work environments. For that reason, companies should set out to design their hardware, software, and services based on what ecosystem will drive value for their customers.

With this in mind, business leaders are creating open marketplaces and networks of business providers to support them in generating insights that drive actionable results and enhance the client experience.

Additionally, the members of those marketplaces or networks can capitalize on access to new clients and markets by easily using clear, granular, and actionable data across a shared platform. This then unlocks new opportunities for business, and helps to develop solutions that differentiate them from the rest of the market. 

Person amplifying their data

Can you hear the opportunity calling?

It’s time to amplify what your business already does well and become part of the leading technology ecosystem. With access to NielsenIQ’s trusted data and our partner network, your business can really make its voice heard.

Answering the industry’s call for an innovative ecosystem 

Whether you are a startup looking to launch a new product, a company preparing for its next stage of growth, or an established corporation with a firm grip on market share in your area of specialization, becoming part of a bigger network that can back up your R&D efforts, enhance your service offering, and open up new horizons for revenue generation and growth should be the next step to consider.

In the consumer goods industry, the largest open ecosystem of service providers has been the NielsenIQ Partner Network, which has fostered collaboration for the benefit of shared manufacturer and retailer clients since 2016.

The program first launched in North America, and has recently expanded to include key markets in Asia and Europe. Members of the network receive access to business-critical data sets that provide clear, granular, and actionable insights that boost their solutions and help them create new products that address their customers’ needs. 

Find out how the NielsenIQ Partner Network can help your business here.

How technology ecosystems can improve your business - key partner benefits from joining the NielsenIQ partner network