NielsenIQ Shelf Architect

Unify and streamline your assortment and space strategies with an end-to-end, integrated data solution.

Your shelf is too important for fragmented data

An integrated solution that utilizes NielsenIQ’s unique incrementality data to drive revenue. Unlock a seamless experience to improve the way you characterize, organize, and visualize your shelf.

  • Improve outcomes of on-shelf strategies
  • Identify specific, actionable opportunities
  • Strengthen partnerships with trusted results

Build a foundation for growth with an integrated solution

NielsenIQ Shelf Architect provides a single, cloud-based solution for your assortment and merchandising needs. By integrating data and models into one end-to-end solution you can simplify planning, drive better performance, and create sustainable growth. The flexible frameworks and intuitive interface within NielsenIQ Shelf Architect creates a holistic and easy-to-use approach for your assortment and space strategy.



A complete suite to facilitate the planogram creation process, optimizing shelf space to increase revenue.

Assortment and Space Optimization

Unlock growth at the shelf by ensuring you have the right products in the right place.

Key features
Key features


Category & segment visualization

Dynamic graphs show how shoppers “shop the category,” while data visualizations identify the most incremental segments and brands so you can grow revenue.


Assortment simulation & opportunity finder

Identify opportunities, minimize risk, and quantify sales growth associated with capitalizing on distribution opportunities.


Automated planograms

Leverage visual components to see how your assortment can be merchandised with an automatically generated planogram.


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