Supplier Collaboration

Stop arguing about whose data is right. Work together to drive shopper-based decisions.


Transform your relationships with your suppliers

Our Supplier Collaboration solution simplifies how you do business with your suppliers using a shared platform containing data and insights that allow you to speak the same language, view common facts, and jointly act on valuable insights to fuel ongoing results.


Improved collaboration with your suppliers helps you mutually generate incremental revenue.

Grow your business faster by sharing clear data, insights and solutions.

Our solution offers retailers and suppliers a simple online portal that creates mutual benefits through aligned strategies, better understanding of shopper behavior and sustainable customer loyalty.

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Key features
Key features


Always on data platform

The platform allows you to share a common data set with your suppliers through a central repository that is always available and refreshed weekly.


Strategic benchmarking

We help you open communication channels with your most important suppliers to build long-term strategic partnerships.


Increased ROI

Easily identify actions to drive better results from existing resources, increasing your ROI and capturing a larger share of supplier resources.


Turnkey solution

We assign you a dedicated support team to handle everything: setup, deployment, management, training, ongoing support, and enhancements – as well as all the administrative and financial aspects.


Easy-to-use online portal

Our intuitive Software-as-a-Service portal is configured to your needs, providing contextual, relevant views through a shared lens.



Increase sales by 2–4% annually on average.


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