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5 Key Habits of Successful FMCG Brands


5 Key Habits of Successful FMCG Brands

2024 has been a year of regrowth, but consumers are still facing the lingering pressures of inflation. This is driving up the costs, making it difficult for FMCG brands to maintain their profit margins.

But some CPG brands are rising above the rest to gain market share and build the foundation for a stronger future.

To help you better understand how they’re achieving their goals, we’ve compiled some of the key habits we’ve seen across the spectrum  in an easy-to-read eBook for you.

Being Successful Requires Understanding the Marketplace

In this eBook, we’ll share some of the key ways successful FMCG brands are staying on top in a chaotic marketplace and ways that you can adopt their habits.

You can think of this as the go-to resource to help you build a better plan to align your brand for growth in 2024 and beyond.

In this eBook, we’ll look at:

  • Shifting consumer behaviors
  • The importance of agility
  • CPG product innovation
  • Building brand equity
  • And More

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Get the Full ViewTM of Consumer Behavior with NIQ

Keeping pace with the shifting consumer demand requires accurate and robust data. NIQ offers a range of solutions to help brands of all sizes get the Full View of the market.

For emerging brands, Byzzer™ by NIQ’s reporting solutions, you can have all the data you need at your fingertips. Byzzer™ provides breakdowns of a wide range of attributes and markets in easy-to-digest reports. Best of all, we’ll show you how to leverage this information for your action plan.

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