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South Africa, backed by 100 years of global consumer knowledge

NielsenIQ’s services deliver the clear perspective, breadth and depth of information, and complete context your business needs to grow in South Africa. Dedicated to providing clarity of your market, your consumer, and your sector, we have the expertise and forward-looking vision to lead you to unparalleled market intelligence.


Your guide in an ever-changing world

Understanding the South African consumer is never more critical than today. Emerging from COVID and contenting with conflict, NielsenIQ is dedicated to delivering the only single view of the consumer.

Our established measurement service is the currency measuring the +R480bn FMCG South Africa market.

What makes us different
What makes us different


Founded in 1923, built for today

Trends may change, but our commitment to data science and analysis remain true and trusted by manufacturers and retailers across the globe.


Confidence that drives growth

We prioritize data granularity and accuracy to power your brand management, consumer relationships, demand discovery, supply chain management, new service launches, and more.


Comprehensive solutions

Insights from our retail sales data and analytics, consumer behavior data, and new product concept testing solutions give you the background knowledge you need to succeed.

Unrivaled coverage

  • We have the most comprehensive coverage of retail sales in South Africa, with more than 10,000 modern trade stores and over 141,000 traditional trade stores across nine provinces.
  • Continuous monitoring of the traditional trade channel, which is 19% of total sales, through RRES (Rolling Retail Establishment Survey) to keep up with changing market dynamics. Quality further boosted through digitalization, using LHHT (light handheld terminal) devices and a Quality Control Tower to monitor data quality real-time.
  • Longest running Consumer Panel Services (CPS) in the country, tracking consumer penetration and consumption across all the LSMs (living standard measures) & SEMs (socio economic measures) for almost 30 years, covering 4,000 households monthly, over 200 categories. This includes modern retail chains, forecourts, wholesalers and independent retailers.
Services & Solutions
Services & Solutions

We help our clients make sense of disparate channel data.

Our services and solutions are designed to not only help you understand the shoppers and their impact to your business. Our solutions uncover the most granular details to inspire big picture ideas, helping business leaders envision the future and take decisive action.

NielsenIQ can help you:

Make bold decisions with superior data

When it comes to pivotal business decisions, NielsenIQ has you covered. We are here to give you not just data but the insights to help you turn ideas into impactful strategies.


Benchmark store data is key for a level playing field in South Africa’s retail sector

The manufacturing and retail landscape in South Africa has changed forever. Amidst these tumultuous market conditions, a substantive store measurement panel is key. But there is a concerning trend towards aggregated data, resulting in up to 50% of manufacturers’ market share measurement being lost, as well as a lack of a true picture of the real state of play in the local industry.

By Ged Nooy, Managing Director, NielsenIQ South Africa

21 October 2021, < 3 mins read

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