NIQ is the world’s leading consumer intelligence provider

We created the concept of market share almost a century ago. Today, more than 20,000 clients trust NIQ to deliver the Full View™.

Do you have the Full View™?

Every day and everywhere around the world, consumers show us exactly what they want and need through their purchases, clicks, and searches.  More than anyone else, NIQ delivers the most complete and clear understanding of consumer buying behavior. Retailers and brands across the globe rely on the Full View to expand their understanding of what consumers buy, why and how they buy, and what they can do about it. 

Complete Data  

From omnichannel to open-air markets, NIQ goes where others cannot or will not go to collect the industry’s most complete source of consumer behavior

100+ countries

We are the world’s leading consumer intelligence provider, measuring over 90% of global GDP.

1.5M stores 

72M products are measured every month across 1,400 FMCG categories.

82K online merchants

We capture 60B data points every day and track over 1,500 attributes to deliver omnichannel insights. 

Clear Insights

To win in today’s competitive landscape, you need more than data. You need clear and comprehensive insights that fuel confident decisions. Our industry-leading analytic solutions and centralized platforms enable you to act on your data in real time.  

NIQ Discover is the premier business intelligence tool on the market, designed to give you the clearest understanding of consumers.
  • Industry-leading data visualizations 
  • Centralized access to disparate data sets 
  • Intuitive tools designed for power users and casual users within your organization
  • Automated reports, guided flows, and KPI alerts 
  • On-demand access to your data and insights  
  • Digital support that’s there when you need it

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