Ultimate Guide to pricing & Promotion

The Ultimate Guide to

Pricing & Promotion

New Game. New Rules.

Without data, ongoing dynamic economic forces and effects on consumer buying behavior will make pricing and promotion challenging, if not impossible, to get right.

Pricing and promotion challenges:

  • Inflationary pressure 
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Misunderstanding of the consumer 
  • Over-promotion
  • Decisions made with poor data 

In this new game, two clear, new rules emerge:

  1. Pricing must be linked to promotion more closely, and bring the key decision-makers in both retail and CPG more close than ever before 
  2. It is crucial to more deeply understand the five most common types of CPG pricing strategies – what they are and how to identify which one to use at any given time

It’s game time!

Unlock the Ultimate Guide to Pricing & Promotion

Download the guide for in-depth examination of pricing and promotion strategies that are effective today, as well as how these strategies have yielded successful outcomes.

Includes a leading CPG case study that demonstrates how you can optimize your pricing and promotion strategies to maximize ROI.