Brand Architect

Develop successful brand strategies that connect with your consumers, increase your brand strength, and deliver remarkable brand experiences.

A blueprint to unleash the true potential of your brand

The world’s most successful brands are thriving in the new age. That’s because these brands now focus on delivering the ultimate brand experience. This fundamentally changes how you need to understand your brand and evaluate its brand performance.

The same old metrics simply don’t cut it anymore. Insights and brand tracking studies of the old world only give you part of the picture. They don’t tie your brand back to market performance. Nor do they inspire you to take action on what matters. Now, you need much more to measure your brand impact. You need a 360 degree understanding of your brand and its relationship with the people you want to target so that you can drive meaningful change and create experiences that connect with consumers on a deeper level.

58% higher market share for brands that generate strong experiences (NIQ Brand Architect research)
30% of company revenue is generated by brand (NIQ foundational research)
2.6x higher sales volume for power brands (NIQ Brand Architect research)

NIQ Brand Architect combines the art and science of brand measurement to drive growth and increase your brand’s value

Our solution helps leaders in Technology & Consumer Durables, FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Media, and other industries to craft remarkable brand strategies that set you apart from the competition and drive business success. To do so, you need creativity, meaning, and spark. But you also need precision, stability, and knowledge. We’ve combined art and science so that you can see the impact that one has on the other.

Unleash your brand’s strength with one simple metric that’s unique to NIQ

Measuring your brand strength has historically been complicated. Not anymore. Say hello to the Brand Strength Index – one powerful indicator that sums up consumers’ likelihood to buy a brand, and how much of a premium they would pay.

Create experiences that drive attachment, relevance and lifetime value

Know how strongly people feel about your brand and how inclined they are to buy it by simulating real-world shopping experiences. Understand what they would buy, why, and how you can become their go-to brand by delivering exceptional experiences across key touchpoints.

Generate more demand for your brand by making it more attractive to more people

Understand what people think about your brand and how that impacts their decision to buy so that you can finetune your brand positioning and product assortment, build awareness and increase your sales volume.

Deliver value and attachment that people will happily pay a premium for

The most successful brands have the most fervent brand supporters, those loyal people that will happily spend more on the brands they love. Identify opportunities to build your brand performance, value, and loyalty.