NielsenIQ Enriched Events

NielsenIQ Enriched Events offers a weekly promotion feed for what is happening to you and your competition.


Only repeat events that are impactful

Developing effective promotions is not as simple as just setting lower prices. NielsenIQ Enriched Events searches for the most relevant events in the market executed by you and your competition, to prescribe where you should focus your promotional efforts.

Analyze promotion strategies
Win with your retailer
Spend less time data wrangling
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The better way to understand promotion performance and execution

NielsenIQ Enriched Events provides a complete database for understanding event execution and effectiveness at retail. This allows you to compare the intended planned event vs. how shoppers actually experienced them, providing critical knowledge of which promotions were impactful.

Key features
Key features


Accurate, robust data

Inputs are gathered from various sources including in-store casual collection, feature ad images, event specific product groupings, and pricing language.


Unified promotion detection

Time aligned volumetrics across all available standard markets and retail banners, including opt-in financial analysis.


Intuitive dashboard

Intuitive dashboard which includes post event analytics, event comparisons, event cataloging, feature images, and full access to historical data.


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