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March 12-16 | Anaheim CA

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NIQ Speaking Sessions Expo West

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Tuesday, March 12 (Climate Day)

12:40pm PDT | Marriott, Marquis Ballroom Center

Strategic Climate Decision Making with Macroeconomic, Industry & Consumer Trend

Connect with innovative leaders at Climate Day to find the information, inspiration, and community your company needs to take meaningful climate action. We’ll discuss key action areas for the natural products industry in 2024 to help you begin or elevate your climate journey. 

Wednesday, March 13

11:30am – 12:15pm PDT | Marriott, Grand Ballroom F

Weight Loss in the Age of Ozempic

Dive into the evolving weight loss landscape in the Ozempic era through a captivating panel featuring NBJ, NIQ, CRN, and others. Gain insights into emerging wellness trends backed by compelling data, offering valuable perspectives on the ever-evolving wellness and weight loss industries.

12:00pm – 1:00pm PDT | Marriott, Grand Ballroom E

The Future of Retail

Our expert panel, covering wellness, beauty, omnichannel retail, and analytics, will dive into generational shifts, social media influence, and emerging retail trends. Discover the preferences of different generations, explore thriving sectors influenced by Gen Z, and gain insights into the future of the natural category, including sustainability trends and emerging flavors.

12:30pm – 1:15pm PDT | Marriott, Grand Ballroom F

Opportunities in Women’s Health

Responsible for more than $2 trillion in healthcare spending every year, women represent a vastly underserved and untapped market for supplement, functional food and beverage, and other wellness-related brands. Find out how the industry is responding to women’s unique needs and how to stand out as more and more and more brands enter this exploding category.

Thursday, March 14

4:30pm – 5:15pm PDT | Marriott, Grand Ballroom F

Winning Over Consumers With Sustainability Messaging: From Organic to Regenerative & Beyond

As demand for sustainably produced products rapidly increases, how do brands best activate this growing demand with consumers? What are retailers looking for in the products they choose to put on their shelves? What messaging, certifications, and claims are moving the needle in today’s environment?

Friday, March 15

10:00am – 12:00pm PDT | Marriott, Grand Ballroom F

NCN Investor Kickoff & All-Star Pitch Showcase

The NCN Investor Kickoff & All-Star Pitch Showcase is Nutrition Capital Network’s exclusive session at Expo West purpose-built for investors, featuring top innovators from the 2023 NCN cohort. Attendees will also receive access to NCN’s curated list of Exhibiting Companies Seeking Capital, featuring companies in trending categories at Expo West.

2:00pm – 3:30pm PDT | Marriott, Platinum Ballroom 5

Remineralizing the World: Understanding where minerals and micronutrients fit in consumer health and wellness needs

As the consumer mindset evolves around health and well-being, people are taking a closer look at their personal health needs and those of their family members (including their pets). Part of this process involves evaluating whether the food they’re eating can meet their specific nutrient needs. But the reality is, it’s not. In fact, some key and critical-to-our-health minerals are playing a starring role in our nutrient shortfalls according to the Centers for Disease Control. In this session, learn about the consumer trends driving the health and wellness movement from NIQ, the latest data and influences on condition-specific supplement sales from Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ), and the critical role minerals play in our overall health starting at the cellular level. From sports nutrition to sleep, building immunity and digestive health to bone health or tackling stress, learn from industry experts how to integrate minerals into your daily life and that of your family members.

Andrew Criezis
Kenneth Juskowiak
Marc Santos
Sherry Frey
Krystal Dawson

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