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How a mature Kellanova brand achieved growth through a new format

A Snacking success story:​

Innovating into a new use occasion with the smaller-sized,
on-the-go Pop-Tart Bites​

And supported by NIQ BASES’ expertise, the Kellanova-BASES partnership provided the confidence to:

Prioritize concepts​

Narrow down to the most optimal positioning​

Validate that the product delivered on taste​: a new, softer dough formulation that maintains the core Pop-Tarts features

Validate that the product delivered on the on-the-go occasion: bite-sized, delicious mini pop-tarts without being toasted

• Dry humor and teen actors resonated with younger audiences

• Depictions of real people in real situations helped reach the general population

• Showing original pop-tart reminded viewers of the products’ versatility, generating halo back to core

With Pop-Tart Bites being the first big innovation the brand had in recent times, it opened the door for other new products and made the brand seem modern and fresh.

The innovation achieved:


in year 1 sales


velocity for innovation SKU in set