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With innovation, renovation, strategy, and go-to-market optimization, BASES is your partner in brand success.


Identify innovation/ renovation opportunities​

How can brands identify strategies to drive growth?

Identify opportunities to strengthen brands via new product launches​

Consider enhancements to current in-market offerings with positioning, creative, or formula changes.​

Identify blue sky opportunities for category-growth​


Explore & refine opportunities

How do I optimize and prioritize initiatives?​

Optimize innovations/renovations from creation to final launch assets​

Screen ideas, concepts, creative or pack designs​

Quantify opportunity size​

Evaluate and refine product performance/efficacy​


Scenario plan and optimize all go-to-market levers​

How do I best activate my strategy?

Simulate size of prize​

Assess brand and category impact​

Optimize pack design, advertising, and creative​

Refine pricing and assortment strategy​

Determine ideal path to purchase (incl. E-Comm).​


Track performance & course correct​

How do I measure what matters post-implementation?

Evaluate how initiatives ​
deliver against targets​

Measure KPIs and identify drivers of results​

Leverage tracking and simulation to course correct​

Build strategic insights and best practices out of historical data repositories​​

Bring clarity and confidence to the development process

Adapting to an ever-changing world

The news is filled with headlines about inflation, supply chain and other external hurdles that complicate reaching your most valued customers. Pivot through these unpredictable times to realize the best outcomes for your brand — no matter the industry.

  • Copy testing to maximize ad efficiency
  • Restage solutions to help explore commercial innovations
  • Line & Price to help optimize price changes ​
  • Restaurant menu optimization to increase traffic, manage ingredient shortages​
  • Packaging design to maximize awareness ​
  • Volume forecasting to maximize ROI with constrained marketing budgets 
  • Product testing to ensure consumer acceptance of reformulations

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