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“System 1” research that drives growth​

At NIQ BASES, “System 1” isn’t just a buzzword. Unlike others who rely on emojis or quick clicks, we utilize authentic implicit research tools to uncover insights that consumers are unaware of and thus unable to self-report.

Measuring implicit and explicit response

• Using real neuroscience to measure System 1, with EEG and eye-tracking tools validated to predict behavior

• Listening to consumers, with integrated quantitative consumer survey response and human insight

• Granular understanding and insight about what’s working and what’s not supporting optimization and ROI, by building a culture of continuous learning and improvement 

Architect & Scientific Advisor

Dr. Knight is one of the pioneers of applying direct brain recordings (EEG) to marketing research. He is a cofounder of Neurofocus, which eventually became BASES Neuro, and is a holder of the largest portfolio of neuromarketing patents. Our methods and techniques have been developed under Dr. Knight’s supervision.

With over 40 years of experience in cognitive neuroscience, Dr. Knight has close to 500 peer-reviewed publications and numerous awards and recognitions. He has been elected as a Member and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has received the Humboldt Prize for lifetime research achievements, Distinguished Career Contribution Award from the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, and IBM Cognitive Computing Award

To respond to the speed and agility demands of the marketing world, we created the first full-scale neuromarketing home panel in the US, incorporating best-in-class EEG and eye-tracking methodologies.

Panelists are carefully selected to reflect demographic and purchasing diversity. 

Rigorous training, compact, easy-to-use equipment, and NIQ BASES proprietary software ensure highest data quality and robustness of insights. 

Globally, we employ Central Location Testing facilities, that adhere to the same standards as our at-home panel. 

BASES EEG solutions beat competition by providing reliable, validated deliverables based on superior data quality and proprietary analysis algorithms.

Whole-head coverage (32 sensors): The full extent of EEG-based insights is only possible by sampling signals from different parts of the brain.

Temporal resolution: Our custom software provides combined spatial and temporal resolution that no off-the-shelf solution can achieve (>8,000 samples per second), while providing millisecond synchronization between EEG, eye-tracking, and stimulus presentation. 

BASES eye-tracking provides in-depth analysis of consumer visual focus. 

We are using state-of-the art precision eye-tracking equipment as well as AI-enhanced webcam-based eye-tracking.

BASES eye-tracking measures include second-by-second heatmap, degree of visual focus, and zones of visual focus for static stimuli.

Combining eye-tracking with our EEG measures allows us to understand not only where consumers are focusing but also how effective each element of the creative is.

Industry-changing online IRT solution, based on BASES proprietary methodology – a true implicit approach grounded in academic and clinical research.

Protocols designed to isolate small effects (including stimuli selection, presentation timing, sample size, data processing).

Response measuring platform to track and eliminate data noise up to 67% relative to other suppliers.

R&D Investment

• 40,000+ participants

• 35+ R&D studies

• 30+ Validation studies

• 40 Client pilots